Katy: Styled Senior Rep Shoot | Downtown Fredericksburg, VA Photographer

I knew I wanted to do something fun for my 2013 Senior Rep Katy — she really deserved it. She is passionate in her beliefs, motivated to make a difference, and in the fall of her senior year she shaved her head. Whaaat? Yes, this beautiful young lady shaved her head to raise money for a specific rare type of cancer.

This was my first semi-styled shoot. I told Katy the vibe I was looking for and she did a great job gathering pieces to fit the style.

We had already done her senior session over the summer at historic Aquia Church, so we decided to make our way to Downtown Fredericksburg for something a little different. We walked around Downtown on Black Friday with people stopping by to watch for a moment. (Side note: What was I thinking of when I scheduled it on one of the craziest days of the year? Thankfully all the crazies had already made their way back home by the time we ventured out!)  It was pretty fun, with Katy’s mom helping out, Katy willing to try anything, and me acting my silly self.

Here are some of my favorites from our shoot. Enjoy! ~Nikki



Images copyright 2012 Chasing Now Photography.

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