Photo Challenge: Chasing Now and A Charming Heart

Announcing a photo challenge between Chasing Now Photography and A Charming Heart!

Photo Challenge PROMO

My friend Alli and I have very different styles when it comes to photography (and probably everything else from clothes to decorating haha!). Alli uses these awesome sculptures and creatures that she makes and she tends to focus on animals and nature. I am a people photographer — high school seniors, families, kids, you get the idea. I thought it would be fun to do a photo challenge to see how different our approaches to the same subject would turn out.

Our first post will be on Monday November 10th and we will post biweekly on both our blogs on Mondays after that. Want to join in? We will announce the upcoming subject the same day we post our photos. Just use the hashtag #AlliAndNikki and we can see your photos on Instagram.

Here are all the places to follow us along on our photo challenge adventure:

Instagram: @chasingnow and @acharmingheart

Oh, and our first subject is Bright. Stay tuned to see the result next week!


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