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Photo Challenge PROMO

Sometimes life gets in the way and that’s been true for the last month – finals, graduation, family visits, holidays, new job opportunities, conferences, moving, and more. With the stresses that came with December, we fell behind with our photo challenge. Indeed, it has been a challenge. This is a new adventure for us both and we didn’t realize just how difficult it might be to keep up. We are back on track now and apologize for the delay.

Chasing Now‘s Shot


About Nikki’s photo: In the midst of the recent craziness, I was able to go to an amazing Christian conference for college students in Atlanta, Georgia called Passion. Though this is just an iPhone photo, it was such a powerful moment that made me think of Free — not only do we wonderfully live in a free country, but we are truly made free by Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

A Charming Heart‘s Shot


About Alli’s photo:

When we first got our dog Spock, he was a nervous mess. He was a rescue, and did not have much trust in people. For about half a year he would tuck his tail between his legs, and would hide. Now a year later, he is confident, happy, and free!


Were either of the photos what you have in mind when you think of Free? Comment below and tell us your thoughts.

We want to see what you came up with! Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@ChasingNow and @ACharmingHeart) and use the hashtag #AlliAndNikki so we can see your posts.

Our next theme is Fanciful and will be posted in two weeks (for real) on Alli’s blog:


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