I officially became a business in January of 2012. I had already come up with a name months before and had been working on building my portfolio for years. I’ve learned a lot since I first opened my business — how I want to run my business (still learning that!), I’ve begun to find my own photographic style (we’ll get to that in just a second), and I’ve learned a lot in my personal life (you learn a lot about yourself in your twenties, kids!).

Tomorrow I will announce new pricing for Chasing Now Photography. I haven’t changed my prices since I first opened my business. Chasing Now has grown a lot since I first started and it’s time my prices reflect that.

Want to see how much I’ve grown? Just take a look at a few of these Then and Now images.


Katie, left, was my first ever senior to contact me for photos! Hopefully I’ll get to photograph her again someday soon to make up for being a beginner and having no idea what I was doing. 😉 [I used to call my business Christina Nicole Photography, but realized I wanted something different. The photo on the left was taken way before I found my new name. That’s an awful edit job on the watermark on the left! Haha]


Again, my first newborn client on the left. I babysat his older sister and pretty much begged his parents to let me do some newborn photos for them.


Look how much this little one has grown in the last two years! I’m not the only one who’s growing. 


B on the left is not a senior, but I wanted to show how I’ve grown in my posing skills, plus look at the difference in the angles and lighting!


Now this family is very special to me. I recently did a Sister Shoot (blog post coming soon) and I have a shot of all four of the girls, but I just love how this one shows the affection among the older sisters. What a difference!


And finally, senior guys are actually kind of difficult to pose. Girls can do all kinds of fun stuff, but it can be a little difficult to come up with variety for the guys. I love the top one because it’s my little brother, but I can’t deny that I’ve improved just a bit when it comes to photographing guys.

I know the families who received the “Then” photos loved them. They knew what my photography looked like at the time. Even I love those photos now. They show where I started and remind me of my journey.

I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be in terms of my photography. There’s always room for improvement and there’s always something to learn — especially in the photography industry. We always seem to be a little harder on ourselves, don’t we? I tend to compare myself to other photographers, but I am so proud of how far I’ve come since I first decided I wanted to shoot portraits. I hope you’ll be a part of my journey as I continue to learn and grow!

New pricing will be posted on my website tomorrow, plus a special offer (hint, hint: this week would be a great time to book a session!).

All images copyright Chasing Now Photography 2013.